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Why I Love Ordering Groceries

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One thing that I have found to save myself  a lot of time, stress, and money is ordering groceries. Yes, there is a fee, but let me tell you why it is my new favorite way to shop.

I can look at my meal plan and see all the ingredients. I am able to search for what I need and add it to my cart right there as I check it off. Instead of dodging people at the store, and possibly having to backtrack because you missed something, it is all right there at the click of your mouse.

It keeps me from grabbing extra stuff! Have you ever gone shopping hungry? Or with your kids who ask for everything they see? Then you wind up with all of this stuff in your cart that was not on your list, and gone $40 over your budget! Which brings me to…

It’s easier to control my spending and stay within my budget. When I order groceries, I can see my total as I add items to my cart. You just can’t do that pushing a cart through the store. Trust me, I have tried walking through the store with my calculator app open. Yes, I have actually done that! When I can see my total, I can always delete something I don’t really need off of my list. Plus I wind up actually getting all of the things I need, when I can go through and adjust my items.

It is so much less hectic and stressful. Shopping from the couch. Enough said.

I feel more organized when I shop this way. Walking around a crowded store with a full buggy can feel very chaotic and overwhelming. This is so much better.

Lastly, you don’t have to take your kids to the grocery store. Look, I love my kids and they are actually pretty well behaved at the store. But it adds an extra level of stress with kids asking for things, or worse arguing with each other as you walk the aisles of the store. We have all been there. It is not fun.

Right now the two services that I use are Kroger’s Clicklist and Shipt. (Full Disclosure: I am an independent contractor for Shipt). The difference between the two are with Clicklist you order online and go pick up your groceries for a $4.95 fee. With Shipt, you have a membership and your groceries are delivered straight to your door.

Have you tried either of these? What do you like/dislike about them?

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