Weekly Deals – April 14

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Hello Friends! I am late with weekly deals! What a busy week this has been! I had my sweet, 3-year-old nephew for a couple of days and I barely got anything done! How did I ever have a 3 and 1-year-old at the same time? Somehow we all made it through!

So all of that to say this weeks Friday post, is now a Saturday post!

One of the ways I stay sane is by filling up my soul.

About 9 years ago, when my son Caleb was born, I rediscovered my love of reading. I spent so much time breastfeeding and I would start to feel a little antsy during those long nursing sessions. I had been taking my older daughter to the library to keep her busy, and one day decided that I would check a book out for myself.


I still remember reading the first few pages of that book, I was sucked in immediately. The words playing a movie in my mind, as I read page after page. I would later realize that this book was part of a series, so I went back and read them all. If you have time for a series, I highly recommend it. Naked in Death  is the first book in the series. If you like mystery/crime novels, you will love this. Trust me!

These days I don’t have nearly as much time to read, but I have plenty of time to listen. So, I use Audible and listen to audiobooks. I just finished Shauna Niequist’s Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living. I listened while I drove, folded laundry, cooked dinner, and cleaned out closets. You can try it out for free, and each month your membership fee gives you a credit.

Right now I am “reading” Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie. She reads the book herself, and she sometimes deviates from the script to tell the listener a story, which is a bonus. She is absolutely hilarious, and her story telling ability is phenomenal. Click on the picture below to get signed up!


I was able to scan through Amazon and find a few more deals as well.

If your child has braces, they are running a deal right now on the Waterpik Water Flosser.

I am a stripes kind of girl and I found this YunJey short sleeve round neck triple color block stripe T-shirt casual blouse on sale for $15.99 with free Prime shipping.

These cute sandals:The Children’s Place Girls’ Braided SS Flat Sandal, Silver for $12.75 shipped!

Also right now Crazy 8 has  20% Off + Free Shipping with code SPRINGSPREE. Click Here to go to their website.

Ezpz is a company that makes mess free mealtime mats for children.

My son’s therapist uses one in feeding therapy and has been able to get him to touch foods and engage in therapy with one of them. They are offering free shipping on all U.S. orders when you use the promo code EZPZFREESHIPPING. You can also get a FREE Bib with an ezpz Mat or Bowl Purchase with code SILLYBIB – While supplies last! (Minimum $18.49 Mat or Bowl Purchase to Qualify for Free Bib) Check out their site Here. 

Finally, I wanted to tell you about a product that I am really excited about.

Want shortcuts and tools to help you create a home and life you love?
Then let me tell you about something over 100,000 women have already discovered.
It’s called The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle .

This wildly popular bundle comes around just once a year (this is its 6th year!) and it’s only available until Monday night. If you’re ready to organize and declutter your home, learn to balance your many roles, be a more intentional mom, and put delicious meals on the table faster and easier, then you will definitely want to pick up this bundle for just $29.97 (pssst? it’s worth over $3,680!).

But you have to act fast, at a price like this, they can only offer it for six days! Go get yours here: Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

So let me tell you why I am so excited about this. This bundle is packed full of really valuable items, and even if you won’t use all of it, the price is still worth it.

So far, I have downloaded/used :

  • 2018 Budget Binder by kaitlin stearns
  • REAL LIFE ON A BUDGET PLANNER by jessi fearon
  • FOUR WAYS TO STUDY THE BIBLE by sarah e. frazer
  • 4 WEEKS TO A MORE PRODUCTIVE LIFE by crystal paine

In my season of life, I am very interested in learning everything I can about running my own business. There are 10 resources in this bundle dedicated to just this subject.

There are also 8 bonuses included from Scribd, Bloom Naturals, Strawsome, Kiwi Co., Cultivate What Matters Shop, Hope Ink (which I loved!!), Orglamix, and Bookroo.

It is definitely worth looking at and seeing if this is something you want!



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