This one, I really liked. I know for me fear has often held me back and kept me from doing things that I really wanted to do. This comes with free handouts for our meetings and is 5 sessions long.

There is also a book, which you can find on Amazon and Audible, perhaps even at McKay or the library?

Next one, I liked equally as much, and wouldn’t mind us even doing both of these over the next few months.

This study has real stories from real people, and one in particular stood out to me and made me think of Annelise. It seemed like it could really have something to speak to all of our lives in some way. This one also has handouts that come with the study. There is a book as well for this one and you can find it on Amazon.


The last one is about Ruth, and I love the idea of us studying women in the Bible as well.

This study also comes with handouts, but there isn’t an accompanying book.


A couple of notes:

One thing that I looked for when choosing these is that they are written by women. I think that men have great ideas and wisdom to share, but other women really know what it is like to actually be a wife, mother, sister, and you just won’t get that from a man’s perspective.

Second, because we meet every two weeks, if we commit to a book study, I think this will give us more time to read in between meetings. I don’t want trying to read a book to become a stressor for anyone. Also, I don’t always have time to read books, but I listen to books often and love it.

Lastly, the links to the books are my affiliate links, which I get commissions from. I don’t want any of you to feel pressured to buy the books or buy through these links. Because I am an affiliate and a blogger I have to link a certain way  to outside sites (especially my advertisers) to keep in FTC rules. This is not a public page, but it was the easiest way to embed videos etc without blowing up emails!

So all that said, lets continue the conversation in our group text and once everyone has seen this, I will erase the post.