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Publix Weekly Deals

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Publix has some pretty good deals this week and lots of BOGO items. Here are my picks for this week and meal ideas.

Cascadian Farm or Annie’s Cereal – BOGO

New England Coffee – BOGO

Quaker Hot Cereals – BOGO

Capri Sun Organic – BOGO

Swanson Broth or Stock – BOGO

Heinz Ketchup or Mustard – BOGO

Pompeian Olive Oil – BOGO

Green Giant Canned Vegetables – BOGO

Hunts or Rotel Tomatoes – BOGO

Annie’s Deluxe Mac and Cheese – 2/$5

Annie’s Mac and Cheese Cups – 10/$10

Mueller’s Pasta or Lasagna – BOGO

Green Wise Organic Quinoa – 2/$6

Near East Rice Pilaf Mix – BOGO

Classico Pasta Sauce – BOGO

Keebler Tray Packs – BOGO

Orville Redenbacher’s Popping Corn – BOGO

Tostito’s Tortilla Chips – 2/$6

Viamin Water – .89

Springer Mountain Farms Grilled Chicken Breast’s – (frozen) – BOGO

Sea Pak Shrimp, Clam Srips, or Crab Cakes – $6.99

Green Giant Steamers Vegetables – BOGO

Birds Eye Voila Family Size Meal – BOGO

Gorton’s Fish Sticks or Filet’s – BOGO

Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread – BOGO

Purex Laundry Detergent – BOGO

Martin’s Potato Sandwich or Long Rolls – 2/$5

Natures Own Honey Wheat – BOGO

Thomas’ Bagels – BOGO

Eggland’s Best Eggs – 2/$7

Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese – 5/$10

Dannon Danimal’s Smoothie – $4.29

Dannon Danimal’s Squeezables – 2/$7

Stonyfield Organic Yo Kids Yogurt – 2/$4

King’s Hawaiian Rolls – 2/$6

Publix Deli Aged Gouda Cheese – 10.99/lb

Publix Deli Goat Cheese – 2/$5

Publix Deli Tavern Smoked Ham – $7.99/lb

Borden Cheese Singles – BOGO

Hillshire Farm Lunch Meats – 3/$11

Lean Ground Beef – $4.99/lb

Publix Bone In Pork Boston Butt Roast – $1.99/lb

Publix Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – BOGO

Asparagus – $2.99/lb

Cabbage – .79/lb

Crunch Pak Apple Dippers – 5/$5

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice – B2G1

Fresh Express Salads – BOGO

Green Beans or Summer Squash – $1.99/lb

Greenwise Organic Baby Spinach – $3.49

Publix Microwavable Peeled Baby Carrots – 2/$3

Publix Orange Juice – $3.99

Publix Russet Potatoes – $1.99

Publix Yellow Onions – $1.99

Medium White Shrimp – $7.99/lb

Hormel Black Label Bacon – BOGO

Pirate’s Booty or Smart Puffs –  2/$5

Breakfast :





Lunch :

Ham or Turkey Sandwiches

Salad’s with Grilled Chicken

Crunch Pak Apple Dipper’s

Cheese Singles with crackers

Kids Yogurts

Keebler Tray Packs

Pirates Booty

Annie’s Mac and Cheese (in a thermos)

Capri Sun

Chips and Salsa

Dinner Ideas:

Birds Eye Voila Family Meal (we love the garlic chicken) This is super easy and the kids will actually eat it.

Fish Sticks or Shrimp with Steamed Veggies and Mac and Cheese (or Rice Pilaf)

Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggies – Scroll to the bottom of the link for the recipe.

Lasagna or Baked Spaghetti with Salad and Garlic Toast

Baked Chicken Alfredo with Salad and Garlic Toast

Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches with Salad and Green Beans

Loaded Baked Potatoes

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