Visual Schedule and Potty Training Pack


Mornings are hard around here, so I brainstormed a way to make getting ready for school in the morning easier at our house. These visual schedules are often used for kids with Autism (like my Caleb) and they work wonders for kids who need more structure. But the awesome thing is that these work for most kids! Working toward a goal is a great incentive. Our mornings are so much easier now! No more yelling and hounding the kids to get ready for school! I hand them their schedules, and off they go! They write down what they are working for and know that the faster they get ready, the more time they have to spend on that activity before we leave. In this pack, there are boy and girl versions of My Morning Schedule, My Evening Schedule, My School Schedule (left blank for customization), and Potty Training! All you need is a printer, some page protectors(or a laminator), dry erase markers, and velcro dots!



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