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Noom Review: My Completely Honest Opinion

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Have you thought about trying Noom’s weight loss program, and are feeling a little skeptical? So was I! There are so many diets and exercise programs out there right now, and I have tried a few of them! So far, nothing has really worked long term. A couple of months ago, I got an offer from Noom to try their program and review it on my blog. I was really skeptical and actually ignored it at first, but I was curious, so I did a little research.


Since I had about 20-25 lbs to lose, I decided to give it a shot. Plus, I would feel much better about making a decision on whether this was a company that I really wanted to partner with. When I was getting started, I was actually pretty skeptical of whether this was really going to work for me. I downloaded the app, and got started with my first day.




What I didn’t like about Noom

  1. With Noom you are counting calories. I have NEVER counted calories in my life. This seemed really tedious to me.
  2. You weigh yourself every day. I was really afraid that this was not a great idea, because if you don’t see any progress, it might be easy to give up.
  3. Coming from a Keto or High Fat Low Carb mindset, I was pretty disappointed that I had to be careful of eating so much bacon. Bacon is one of my favorite things!


What I do like about Noom

  1. They don’t throw a bunch of new concepts at you all at once. They take it slow with you and it keeps you from becoming overwhelmed.
  2. Noom is slowly helping you to change your mindset using psychology. They slowly walk you through the subconscious process that controls every action you take. And they provide tips and tricks to overcome thinking that sabotages the process.
  3. They make you count calories. I was not really happy about this part at first, but WOW my eyes have been opened! Some of the crap I was eating had so many calories in them. No wonder I was gaining so much weight!
  4. You can still enjoy a dessert without sabotaging your process. Moderation is key, and making sure you save room in your calorie budget for a dessert. I don’t want to have to totally give up sweets and with this program I don’t have to. Complete deprivation has never worked well for me.
  5. I have lost 13 lbs just in the first 7 weeks. This is solely from watching what I eat, because I haven’t done much exercising yet. (However, moving forward, that is something that they are starting to ask of me. But since they are gradually adding better habits, it isn’t overwhelming!)



After trying out Noom, I feel that I can confidently recommend trying it out.

The app is easy to use, and the activities that you complete daily don’t take very long. They assign a goal specialist to you who checks in with you once a week to help you identify your goals for the week and provide resources to help you along the way. After the first couple of weeks, you are assigned to a group where you can discuss your progress and talk through the process together. I have found both of these things help add accountability to the program and keep you from feeling that you are alone.

Some of my dislikes have actually turned into likes now. I still don’t love counting calories, but the app makes it very easy to put in your meals. The color code helps you choose your food wisely, and I am no longer eating mindlessly. Most of all, I feel encouraged every day and that makes me excited to continue with the program every day.

If you are tired of trying all the diets and want to make some real lifestyle and attitude changes, I highly suggest giving it a shot! To get started with your 14 day trial for $1 –click here!

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