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Grateful Tuesdays- When It’s Easy

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So I started out the year really excited for my new series, which I started but never continued. That is not so awesome if you are trying to be a consistent blogger. But plans changed and I had to take on another job, school, etc, and the series just got left in the dust with all of my other brilliant ideas that I never follow through on.

It is so easy to blog about meals, and grocery deals, but it isn’t always easy to be authentic on the internet and share details of what is going on in your life. When it’s easy, I can write about it all day long, but when it’s hard I avoid it like the plague. So here is the real truth: It wasn’t the job, school, etc. It was just that I didn’t make time to do it. Plain and simple.

But don’t we all do that? How often is it easier to scroll through Instagram or Facebook, when we have stuff to actually do? We have lives to actually live and relationships to nurture, but we stare at our phones or televisions because it is easier.

I have always had these huge dreams to write a book, and to be a blogger whose blog is actually read by other people. But that is really hard work and it’s easier (but maybe a little soul crushing)to go work in an office for a steady paycheck. (not that you can’t do both!)It’s easy to ignore your calling and dreams when you tell yourself that it’s crazy and irresponsible.

But even though they often seem crazy, irresponsible, and unattainable, I am GRATEFUL for huge dreams. I am grateful for the ambitions that I have and I want to try to be a better steward of the gifts that God has given me. I am grateful for the hard stuff, because it helps me to grow as a person. Even if it is never more than a hobby, you should be grateful for the things that you love to do and I should too. These are the things that give us joy and we need to make time for them!

What thing that you love have you been avoiding and know you should make time for?

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