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Four Great Ways to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer

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Summer is here again and because of that, it can fill a parents mind with a bit of dread. It isn’t that you don’t want to spend time with your children, but the summer can feel really long!  Whether you work or not, it can feel like a huge chunk of time that you need to logistically think about and plan for. So if you are starting to plan for the summer holidays then here are some suggestions to help you keep the kids occupied.




Summer Camp for the Kids

Summer camp can be a great way for your children to spend their time out of school, and they can work out really well for parents who also need to continue to work their day job. There are so many camps that you can consider. If your child is more into their academics then things like CT STEM summer camp which will focus on the science side of things. Or you could look at sports related ones which could work really well to keep those energy levels calmed, especially at the end of the day! There will always be something locally that will suit your kids interests, the budget that you have and the timings that you need. But often these things need to be booked up ahead of time, so don’t wait too long!


A Family Vacation

Maybe you want to use the summer holidays and the fact that children are off school to book your summer vacation. A summer vacation can be anything. It could mean that you head off on a plane and enjoy a sunny holiday on the beach or in a nice hotel somewhere. It could mean you digging out all of the camping gear and going on a camping weekend trip. It might be driving to a nearby city and finding all the free, fun places to go! There are many ways you can spend a family vacation, but it can be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Planning Days Out

It will always be a good idea to think about planning days out when it comes to planning your children’s summer. If you get some time off, you can head to local days out or perhaps use it as a chance to do something a little different. Do a search online to find some free activities and events that may be going on in the local area. The summer can be expensive so this can be a godsend when it comes to keeping your kids occupied!


Play Dates Can Help!

Finally, if you can get organized ahead of time, then speaking with other parents and organizing playdates can be a great way to occupy some of the days. You could also use this as a chance to share childcare, so taking it in turns to look after each other’s children for a few hours. It can help take the pressure off and also help towards the overall costs of childcare in general.


I sure hope these tips help you when it comes to keeping your children occupied in the summer holidays. What ideas are have you come up with for the summer? Check out some ideas for fun in the Nashville area here!

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