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Four Easy Ways to Save Money

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When you are trying to stick to a budget, it can be difficult due to the rising prices of basic household and food items. It can be really frustrating to have to budget more and more money month to month to pay for basic necessities! Here are some practical, easy tips to help you cut down on your household spending and save money.

Buy Your Meat in the Clearance Section

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Most grocery stores clearance out meat a day or two before the sell by date. Ask the department manager when they usually clearance out the meat, so you know when to shop. Make sure you grab some freezer bags, because you are going to freeze the meat when you get home. I would suggest dividing the larger portions of meat into smaller portions to make it easier to thaw for later.

Once you have divided up the meat into the bags, write the date and the contents on the bag. I also suggest keeping a list of what you have on hand, so you don’t go out and buy meat that you already have. To make the most out of your savings, you will need to plan your meals around your meat deals. I have a great printable Inventory List you can get when you sign up!

Total Possible Saving Per Year: $780

Don’t Throw Out Fruit that is Over- Ripe

How many times have you bought fruit with the best of intentions, and wound up trashing more than you care to admit? Let’s just all agree that we raised our hand on this one! The good news is that you don’t have to do this!

Grab those strawberries, bananas, and peaches that are going to go bad and put them in the freezer. Peel the bananas and freeze them whole. You can use these later for smoothies, banana bread or popsicles! Peel your peaches and slice them, you can use these for peach cobbler, fruit salad, or a smoothie. For the strawberries, cut off the tops and slice them, you can use these for smoothies or a strawberry pie! There are many ways to use your frozen fruit!

Total Possible Savings Per Year : $310

Make Your Own Cleaning Products and Laundry Soap

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Look no further than Pinterest to find a zillion articles about how to make your own cleaning products! There are so many great recipes out there for making your own household cleaning items. The key is to read the articles and reviews on these recipes to discern which ones work best. I personally love Vinegar and Dawn!

Total Possible Savings Per Year : $150

Open a Separate Checking Account

Here is a way to tangibly watch your savings build up! Find a bank that is offering one of those $150 bonuses to open a checking account and open an account with them. Usually the only stipulation is that you have money direct deposited into that account.

Have a small amount from your paycheck deposited into that account every week. The trick is to keep the debit card out of your wallet! By the time Christmas rolls around, you are going to have some extra money for presents!

Total Possible Savings Per Year : $300 – $600 (or more)

When it comes to saving money there are endless possibilities! All you have to do is get creative, and be prepared to put in just a little more effort and time. That little bit of effort can pay off big time!


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