Easy and Kid Friendly Lasagna

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My kids really love all things spaghetti, pizza, and lasagna. I don’t make Lasagna often, because it can be time consuming. And I am mostly tired by the time it is time to cook. However, this is a pretty easy recipe that can be made ahead of time and doubled, with one of the two being frozen.

It’s great because the kids don’t complain, and they always come back for seconds. 
I only use Bertolli Organic Sauce, because it is my personal favorite. I don’t really like sweet spaghetti sauces, I like mine a little salty and with garlic. This is the best one I have found. 
As far as the noodles, you can use oven ready if you want to make a really quick and easy Lasagna. However, I don’t reccomend making this in advance or freezing it, because it is just not good. 
I found this out the hard way when I tried a new rustic cut sauce and the oven ready noodles. I froze it and baked it to make my life easier. The sauce was terrible (rustic cut means chunks of carrots in your sauce, um no.) and the noodles were just soggy. So.. lesson learned. 
If you are freezing USE THE REGULAR LASAGNA NOODLES!! Just follow the directions on the box. After you drain the noodles rinse with cold water to keep them from sticking together. I pat mine dry with a paper towel as I layer. 
Layer a 13 x 9 pan with the noodles.

Then put your sauce and ground beef on.

Next, dollop on your cottage cheese/egg mixture. No need to try to spread it. It all works out while it is baking.
Finally, sprinkle a little cheese on that layer. Repeat. 
When you have about 4 – 5 layers or the pan is full, then put on a thick layer of cheese to top. 
Now, cover with foil and bake!
Easy Lasagna
1 jar Bertolli Organic Olive Oil, Basil, and Garlic Spaghetti Sauce
1 box lasagna noodles
1 16 oz cottage cheese
1 egg
1 bag Italian Blend Cheese
1 lb cooked ground beef
Preheat oven to 350. Prepare noodles according to box. Mix the egg into the cottage cheese. (I do it in the cottage cheese container to minimize dirty dishes) Layer noodles, sauce, meat, cottage cheese mix and cheese. Repeat until pan is full. Put a thick layer of Italian chees on top. Cover with foil. Bake for 30 minutes.
Serve with salad and garlic bread.

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