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Last year, I spent a little time testing some weekly meal plans and weekly recipes. I love meal planning, because in my opinion it winds up saving you money in the long run. Lately though, I have been making meals out of what I have on hand and based on what I find at a great price.

Last week, I got a good deal on chicken breasts. I had a bunch of salsa, tortilla chips, dry black beans, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and avocado. I cooked the chicken in the instant pot with Salsa and chicken broth. Then, I cooked the black beans in the instant pot. I shredded the chicken and we had Chicken Taco Salad. It was very easy and it was a big hit in our house.

In the shop, I currently have two meal plans. They both have all the recipes and a grocery list for you to download and print or just save. For the next week, they are completely free! So, if you are struggling with meal planning right now, go grab them both for free. These are all easy, kid friendly recipes! Enjoy! Download your free meal plans here!

This year, I have chosen to narrow down my focus and will be spending a majority of my time writing a book! However, I love recipes and cooking, so I will be posting a new recipe with a video once a month. I will also have one post out each week that pertains to parenting, marriage, etc. It is my hope that you will find these posts encouraging and that they will resonate with you.

I would love your feedback! Message me and tell me what you want to talk about this year! Do you have questions about parenting, marriage, cooking, meal planning? My goal is to serve you and encourage you this year! Let me know!

P.S. If you host a small group and need a meal idea, here are two of my groups favorites : Chili and Turkey Meatballs. I usually ask everyone to bring a side dish, chili topping, paper plates or bowls, and drinks!

Meal Planning and it’s Finally Fall!

Well, it is finally fall in Tennessee! Our temperatures went from 90 degrees last Tuesday to 60 degrees by Thursday. That was quite a change, so we put away the shorts and sandals and pulled out the jeans a sweaters! Finally! Now don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but it should not be 90 degrees in October! I think we were all ready for fall temps to catch up with the season. So in honor of cooler weather, I am including chili on this weeks meal plan!

Last week, I started offering a service where you can get the printable meal plan, recipes and a grocery list for only $3. However, if you want to try it risk free shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will reply with a coupon code that is good for this weeks or last weeks meal plan for free!

This is what you will find on the meal plan this week:

Monday: Instant Pot “Baked” Spaghetti – (the meal plan will include an oven version for those without an Instant Pot)

Tuesday: Enchilada Casserole

Wednesday: Quick and Easy Chili

Thursday: Sub Sandwiches, Fruit and Fries

Friday: Southwest Chicken Salad

Saturday/Sunday : Leftovers – (These meals create enough leftovers for two days!)


While you are doing your shopping planning this week, check out Kroger’s Buy 5, Save 5 sale this week: I got Quaker Granola Bars for .99 a box this week, and Goldfish bags are also .99 this week. These are great to stock up on for lunches!

Finally, don’t forget if you make any of the meals this week, snap a picture for Instagram and use the hashtag #leslieslittlecorner

Happy Cooking!


This Weeks Meal Plan and Special Announcement!

After a week off to plan and execute, my weekly Meal Plan Monday is back! This week, I have a fun surprise for you! A while back, I asked if anyone would be interested in a shopping list for my meal plans. Originally, I thought it might be another freebie for my readers, but the amount of planning and work that goes into something like that was just way too much to give away.

For now, I will be offering the meal plan, grocery list, and recipe list for $3. You will receive a PDF download that contains everything you need. If this is something that grows, I would eventually love to grow it into a subscription service. Right now, I am accepting PayPal and am working on getting credit card payments set up. If you want a copy, click on shop above and it will take you right where you need to go to order!

Additionally, I am looking for feedback! Tell me what you love, like, hate, etc! Just be kind, please! I am so excited to be offering this new service that if you send me valuable feedback, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a copy of Remember God. Details to come on my Facebook page!

Now, on to this weeks meal plan!

Monday-  Chicken and Rice Casserole (this is an exclusive meal plan subscription recipe)

Tuesday – Egg Muffins and Hashbrowns

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup

Thursday – Overloaded Baked Potatoes

Friday – Hamburgers and Fries (this is also a meal plan exclusive)

Saturday – Baked French Toast and Bacon


What are you excited to make? If you make any of these recipes, please take pictures and post with the hashtag #leslieslittlecorner !

Happy Cooking!

CU - 6.99 PER BOX

It’s a Meal Plan Monday Do – Over

If you saw my Facebook live earlier, you know that in spite of my best efforts, my meal plan did not go according to plan! Monday the Chili was burned, and I was especially sad about that. I really was excited to have chili for dinner, and then instead we had Taco Bell.

Tuesday we had Tacos and Wednesday we had the Pasta Fagioli.  So, we kind of got back on track, but by Thursday we had two sick kids and wound up eating Wing Stop. On Friday, I managed to get breakfast for dinner made before Kate and I went with friends to a Preds game. I guess the week wasn’t that big of a fail! But none of my new recipes got posted!

This week, we are having a do – over, and I will have my chili recipe up for you later with pictures!


Here is my meal plan for this week:

Monday – Chili

Tuesday – Pizza

Wednesday – Bacon Sprinkled Chicken Thighs and Loaded Baked Potatoes  (Chicken recipe coming soon)

Thursday – Sour Kraut and Sausage, Roast Cauliflower , and Green Bean Casserole

Friday – Leftovers

By the way… don’t you just love the pictures that Facebook freezes on for these live previews?

Happy Meal Planning!

If you make any of my meals from this week, would you snap a picture and post to with the hashtag #leslieslittlecorner ? 


Knot Genie Detangling Brush

This Weeks Pantry Meal Plan – See what I came up with!

This weeks meal plan is based on items that I had in my pantry and freezer. We are on a tight budget this week, so I needed to make sure that I was using what we had on hand to keep the grocery bill down! I found some really good deals on ground beef last week, so I have about 9 lbs in my freezer. I also have chicken thighs in the freezer, bacon, tortillas and eggs in my fridge. Then in the pantry, I had pinto beans, white beans, and cornmeal.


So… this is what I came up with:

Monday: Chili Mac – This is a simple chili recipe mixed with macaroni noodles.

Tuesday : Soft Tacos with my small group bringing the other ingredients. (I make Pinto’s, and homemade pico)

Wednesday: Bacon Sprinkled Chicken Thighs with Roast Cauliflower and Green Beans

Thursday : Couples Small Group/ Pasta Fagioli with Cornbread

Friday : Breakfast for dinner – Scrambled Eggs, Pancakes, and Bacon


This week, I am going to be adding 3 recipes to the blog! Chili Mac, Bacon Sprinkled Chicken Thighs, and Pasta Fagioli.

Would you rather have an Instant Pot Chicken or Baked?? Chicken Thighs are a lot more forgiving in the oven than chicken breast, so they will be delicious either way.

Speaking of recipes… I did a poll and asked if you would like to have a shopping list for my meal plan Monday’s. I got a great positive response to that, so I am going to start looking into seeing how I can make that happen!

So, be on the lookout for those new recipes and happy cooking!


This Weeks Recipes and Meal Plan!

I was so excited to get such a great response to Meal Plan Monday being back last week! Something that I wanted to say about my recipes is that they are very versatile and it is very easy to swap out healthier ingredients.

Take my Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe for instance: I use rice and ground beef. If you don’t eat rice, you can substitute Quinoa or Riced Cauliflower. If you don’t eat meat you can use both of those ingredients. The riced cauliflower picks up the spices and it is still delicious. If you ever have any questions about making a recipe of mine gluten free, meat free or dairy free, message me and I can send you some easy, affordable suggestions!

Now, on to this weeks meal plan!

Monday – Sauteed Shrimp, Goat Cheese Salad, and Garlic Pasta

Tuesday – Turkey Meatballs, Green Beans, Smashed Potatoes

Wednesday – Polish Sausage and Cabbage  (I skip the onions and peppers, but carrots are great with it)

Thursday -Instant Pot Baked Ziti  – This is the recipe of the week and will be up Wednesday! Hint: For grocery shopping purposes get ziti, ground beef, and your favorite spaghetti sauce!

Friday -Leftovers

If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet or a Crock Pot Express , watch Amazon and Kohl's for deals. I got my Crock Pot Express for $13 after Kohl's Cash a few months ago! I absolutely LOVE it!

One last thing, if you are really busy or hate grocery shopping: I would highly reccommend trying out Shipt! When you use my link you can get a two week free trial. You order your groceries through an app, a shopper goes and shops for you and you get groceries delivered right to your door!

This Weeks Meal Plan with Recipes!

After a little hiatus, my meal planning posts are back. This fall every Monday will be Meal Plan Monday, and I will be sharing my meal plans for that week, and recipes if available. I am really excited to get back to my meal plan and recipe posts! 


This week I found some good deals at Sprouts on ground beef and chicken thighs. I also got corn on the cob 6/ $1, Grape tomatoes .99 per carton, and bell peppers were 4/$5. 

Monday – Stuffed Bell Peppers

Tuesday – Small Group – ordering pizza in

Wednesday – Grilled BBQ Chicken Thighs, Corn on the Cob

Thursday – Tortilla Soup

Friday –  Taco Cups with Refried Beans  (I have been using my Crock Pot Express to make the refried beans – it works the same just cooks the beans a lot faster!)

When I plan my meals, I try to work around ingredients that we already have on hand. This helps to keep the grocery bill down a little. I already have dried pinto beans, rice, chicken broth etc in the pantry. I have some chicken breast in the freezer from a while back that I will use for the tortilla soup. And as always, I look for the meat sales or markdowns and then freeze those for later. 

Don’t forget, when you sign up for my email newsletter right now, you get a copy of my Meal Planner for free! 


What are you planning this week? Are you inspired to try any of these recipes?