Meal Planning and it’s Finally Fall!

Well, it is finally fall in Tennessee! Our temperatures went from 90 degrees last Tuesday to 60 degrees by Thursday. That was quite a change, so we put away the shorts and sandals and pulled out the jeans a sweaters! Finally! Now don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but it should not be 90 degrees in October! I think we were all ready for fall temps to catch up with the season. So in honor of cooler weather, I am including chili on this weeks meal plan!

Last week, I started offering a service where you can get the printable meal plan, recipes and a grocery list for only $3. However, if you want to try it risk free shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will reply with a coupon code that is good for this weeks or last weeks meal plan for free!

This is what you will find on the meal plan this week:

Monday: Instant Pot “Baked” Spaghetti – (the meal plan will include an oven version for those without an Instant Pot)

Tuesday: Enchilada Casserole

Wednesday: Quick and Easy Chili

Thursday: Sub Sandwiches, Fruit and Fries

Friday: Southwest Chicken Salad

Saturday/Sunday : Leftovers – (These meals create enough leftovers for two days!)


While you are doing your shopping planning this week, check out Kroger’s Buy 5, Save 5 sale this week: I got Quaker Granola Bars for .99 a box this week, and Goldfish bags are also .99 this week. These are great to stock up on for lunches!

Finally, don’t forget if you make any of the meals this week, snap a picture for Instagram and use the hashtag #leslieslittlecorner

Happy Cooking!


This Weeks Meal Plan and Special Announcement!

After a week off to plan and execute, my weekly Meal Plan Monday is back! This week, I have a fun surprise for you! A while back, I asked if anyone would be interested in a shopping list for my meal plans. Originally, I thought it might be another freebie for my readers, but the amount of planning and work that goes into something like that was just way too much to give away.

For now, I will be offering the meal plan, grocery list, and recipe list for $3. You will receive a PDF download that contains everything you need. If this is something that grows, I would eventually love to grow it into a subscription service. Right now, I am accepting PayPal and am working on getting credit card payments set up. If you want a copy, click on shop above and it will take you right where you need to go to order!

Additionally, I am looking for feedback! Tell me what you love, like, hate, etc! Just be kind, please! I am so excited to be offering this new service that if you send me valuable feedback, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a copy of Remember God. Details to come on my Facebook page!

Now, on to this weeks meal plan!

Monday-  Chicken and Rice Casserole (this is an exclusive meal plan subscription recipe)

Tuesday – Egg Muffins and Hashbrowns

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup

Thursday – Overloaded Baked Potatoes

Friday – Hamburgers and Fries (this is also a meal plan exclusive)

Saturday – Baked French Toast and Bacon


What are you excited to make? If you make any of these recipes, please take pictures and post with the hashtag #leslieslittlecorner !

Happy Cooking!

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